Welcome to Year One

In Year One we are super lucky to have two teachers and teaching assistants to share our learning journey throughout the year.

We believe in celebrating every child as an individual and strive to provide fun and exciting experiences, to instill a love of lifelong learning.

Take a look at our Autumn Term Time Table...

Meet the Teachers

Mrs Baynham

Teaching days: Monday & Tuesday all day, Wednesday mornings

Mrs Hammond

Mrs Hammond

Teaching days: Wednesday afternoons, Thursday and Friday all day.

Meet the Teaching Assistants


Mrs  Law

Full Time


Mrs Dews

Every Morning

Our Sponsered Memory Walk for Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's and Dementia is unfortunately something that many of us have experience of in some shape or form.
Personally it's a charity I hold close to my heart, and Isaw a perfect opportunitiy within our Autumn Term 1 Topic to do something really special for someone suffering with this life changing disease.

The Infant Phase will be taking part in sponsered Memory Walk to raise money for The National Alzheimer's Society.

Please take a look at the documents below for more information, or contact nwestlake@st-peters.hereford.sch.uk 

Thank you,
Mrs Hammond

Our Autumn Term 1 Topic is...

'Can I add to my Memory Box?'

Take a look at our topic web to find out all of the wonderful things we will be getting stuck into this half term.

Education Station

Here you will find resources and 'Top Tips' for supporting your child at home.

Your child's learning experience doesn't stay at school. Their home experiences and parental invlovement in their education is crucial.

If you have any skills that may enrich or support our topic please let us know. We would love your involvement!

~ Phonics ~

Top Tip...

Keep each sound short (without adding 'uh' at the end). It helps to whisper! For example, adding 'uh' means 'cat' becomes 'curater' when these sounds are blended together.

Help your Child fall in Love with Reading

Reading with your child once a day can have a huge impact on their ability to think creatively and question and source information. It builds their confidence and skills in breaking down the words into sounds to allow them to read new words.


We ask that you try to find some time once a day, even if it's just 10 minutes, to read with your child.

We encourage that your child should hear you read if possible, so they can experience a wide range of books, and build on their vocabulary.

This doesn't always have  to be snuggled up at bedtime, it could be whilst you're making dinner, reading a recipe or following instruction whilst building furniture or washing clothes.


We follow a scheme called 'Busy Ants' to deliver our maths lessons. To find out our focus this half term, please take a look at our topic web.

Making Maths Meaningful and Fun!

Maths can sometimes be a daunting subject for either yourself or your child, so it's important they have plenty of suppmort at school and at home.


Make maths fun and allow the children to see its everywhere; we use it everyday!

Take them shopping with you and ask them to find the price or count your change. Sing counting song, measure out ingredients or even just count the steps on the stairs.