Welcome to Year 6

Class teacher: Mrs C Jefferson

Teaching assistant: Mrs S. Dickson

Helping us to master a deeper level of learning: Mrs H. Yarnold

We are a class of 27 fantastic pupils 'Soaring to Success'.

Meet the class...

The children in Year 6 composed a fantastic group 'Remembrance Day' poem, which will accompany the artwork displayed in the church.


The Poppy's Brilliance Shines Upon Our World

I'm a man of my word,

I have promises to keep.

I vow to keep my family safe,

It's my turn to shine.


Fellow soldiers armed for protection,

Issued with weapons of destruction,

Fill with determination,

Shipped away from family and friends.

When all is lost, they realise their thoughts are a way of saying,

'Everyone, even people you shan't ever know, are counting on you'.


Just a little hope lies near, as tears of glory run down my cheeks,

In the darkness of the trenches,

In the cracks and crevices,

In all the twists and turns,

A little thing sprouts,

A delicate, crimson poppy standing tall, proud and glorious,

Giving our heroes

Hope, honour and bravery.

The poppy's brilliance shines upon the world.


Written by Year 6


The children have all settled in really well and shown they are ready to embrace all that Year 6 entails. We have so many exciting events and activities to look forward to this coming term and I know that the children will work really hard to do their very best.


Autumn Term Topic: Light Up The Past


Having gained a greater understanding of the Victorian era, the children are going to be planning and writing their own stories set in the Victorian times. Children will focus on creating atmosphere throughout their writing, using a range of formal and informal language and using a wide variety of punctuation.



This term the children are going to be mastering our understanding of number, looking at solving questions that use all four operations as well as looking at manipulating numbers. They have already started to look at ordering large numbers and decimals and will be tackling Arithmetic questions as part of their weekly homework. After half term we are going to be looking at fractions, decimals and percentages.


Pioneer Centre

Once again the children in Year 6 are going to be given the opportunity to visit the Pioneer Centre, Cleobury Mortimer for our annual residential trip. This is always very popular and children are already excited for the activities they are going to be doing and hoping to conquer even more fears. This will be happening on 11th - 13th March 2019, more information will follow.


Keep and eye out of more information on all the exciting opportunities we have coming up!