Welcome to Year 1!

The new academic year is here and we are already off to a super start. Please keep an eye on our website and our Year 1 Seesaw page for any class updates. Below you will find our topic web and timetable. These detail all of the exciting things we will be doing during Spring 1. At the bottom of the page you will find our photo gallery, this will be updated regularly so you can see what your lovely little ones are getting up to in Year 1.

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Meet the Year 1 team...

Miss Gardner/ Miss Davies 

Class teacher


Mrs Gwynne

Full time teaching assistant

Expectation of Year 1:

To read with your children at least 3 times a week. Please write how your children are getting on with their books in the comments. 

To support your children with their spellings. Tests will be completed every Thursday. 

The correct uniform to be worn to school with the correct footwear. 

This is the same for PE, the children have PE every Wednesday so the correct kit needs to be in school for these days. 

Our Pupil of the Week is...



Our Reading Champion is...


In Maths, we are looking at MEASUREMENT. We have been exploring height, length, weight, mass, capacity and volume. 

Our Topic for this half term is....

Travel and Transport

We are looking forward to finding out all about how we travel to places has changed and developed. We will be looking at the inventions of planes, motor cars and trains. 

This half term in Design Technology and PSHE we are looking at...

Healthy Eating

We are going to be looking at all the different types of foods that can be healthy and unhealthy for our bodies. We will be learning about how and where fruit and vegetables are grown and how they are grown. We will be making our very own 'Healthy Fruit Kebabs' using our tasting skills to select our favourite fruit to use. We will also be able to think about what else is healthy for our bodies as well as foods. 

Our Science Topic this half term is...


Our lovely plants we planted last term are still growing as we know they take much longer to grow. We looking deeper into how plants grow and what they need. We will be looking at what parts of a plant are there. We will be exploring different types of plants either wild or garden and types of trees. 

In Literacy we are looking at...

Rhyming Poems

We have been exploring the structure of poems. We are looking at what words rhyme and how we can write matching sentences.