When our children join us in Year 2, they can have the following learning needs:

As children enter Year 2 they will be preparing for their final year of the infant phase and will be transitioned into a more formal routine within school.  They will be gaining fluency with their reading and writing and as a result their confidence will blossom. 

Over the course of the year, children in Year 2 will develop their concentration skills and stamina in preparation for their first formal testing and reaching the end the infant phase of their schooling. The final year of KS1 will see the children being encouraged to work more independently. At this age, most children will have improved their ability to coordinate movement and their language/speech will be increasingly complex and grammatically correct.

The Year 2 experience:

Throughout Year 2 the children will be prepared for a more formal approach to the classroom in preparation for Year 3. As the year progresses they will have reduced carpet time and increased time working at tables. They will be expected to show greater independence and autonomy over their learning.

Preparing them for the next stage of their learning journey:

If the children have been successfully prepared for Year 3 they will have a greater increased independence with regards to their work.  They will be able to organise themselves and their school work with more autonomy and require less adult support. They would have ideally met the guidelines outlined in the national curriculum for end of Key stage 1 expectations and be ready to begin their first year as a junior in Key stage 2.

We are a brilliant team of 28 children

Class Teacher: Miss Robinson

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Rocca 

PPA Cover: Mrs Miles


Pupil of the Week and Reading Champion