Teacher: Mrs C Jefferson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs J Rocca

 Helping us to master a deeper understanding: Mrs S O'Rourke

A fantastic team of 29 children

YEAR 5   Autumn Term 2019 Topic Web.....coming soon....

 Extreme Earth!

This term we will be learning all about natural disasters and extreme environments on Earth! We will be looking at extreme weather on our planet, the creation of volcanoes and earthquakes; types of volcanoes; and the dramatic and explosive physical effects of volcanic eruptions. We will study the distribution of volcanoes and earthquake zones around the world before exploring the human impact of volcanic activity and the reasons why people choose the live near volcanoes. We will also learn about secondary effects of volcanoes and earthquakes such as tsunamis.

Our extreme earth topic will take us all the way from the highest peak on Earth, to remote deserts, sweltering rain-forests and even the very depths of our oceans. 

This week we have been looking at the structure of the Earth. We used modelling clay to create our own model Earths and then cut them open so we could see the different layers inside!! The big reveal was very exciting!!

Pioneer Centre Trip

This year, we are lucky enough to once again have the opportunity to visit the wonderful Pioneer Centre in Cleobury Mortimer. The trip will take place in March with pupils spending two nights away! 

This trip offers so many exciting activities, including archery, caving, abseiling and zip wires, where pupils can challenge themselves and grow in independence and maturity! I know that they are all going to have the most wonderful fun; I always do. We will celebrate team spirit and enjoy social time during our evening campfire and big bounce activities!

Keep an eye on our website for more information about the wonderful things we will be getting up to this term! 

Autumn Term

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