Teacher: Mrs C Jefferson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs J Rocca

 Helping us to master a deeper understanding: Mrs S O'Rourke

A fantastic team of 28 children

The Incredible Journey of a Year 5 child at St. Peter's Primary School

Joining Year 5...

As children join us in Year 5 they are entering their final years of primary school. Children quickly become used to being more of a role model within the school, being looked upon to support lower years groups whilst taking on more responsibilities in the wider running of daily life in school. Year 5 is a calm and studious year; a year to embed all of the knowledge learnt in lower Key Stage 2; a year to start the preparations for transition to secondary school.

Learning along the way...

Over the year children will become much more self-reliant, making choices about their next steps and understanding that a dedication and commitment to their learning will benefit them in later life. Lessons will be pitched to stretch all children, whilst still supporting those children where consolidation is needed. Differentiated activities and group work are planned alongside independent learning tasks, where the onus is on the child to gain as much as they can from the learning opportunities provided.

Opportunities to visit high school will allow children to experience the secondary school setting and will help to dispel high school nerves.  Children will have several opportunities to use the facilities the local high school can provide, as well as taking part in activity days which will gently introduce the children into what secondary education is really going to be like.  

Children will use their time to develop their social skills among friends, understand what kind of person they want to be in the future and ready themselves to enter Year 6 and their final primary school stage.

During Year 5 children will experience their first two-day residential trip away from their families which will help them to develop team-work, resilience and independence whilst taking part in exciting adventurous activities. For some children this will be their first time away from parents, so having this opportunity really helps the children to have the confidence to be in charge of their own well-being.

Next Steps...

Children should leave Year 5 much more self-aware and equipped for the final part of their primary school journey. They will have developed a stamina to sustain concentration and focus for long periods of time, a skill required to succeed in SATs, and the independence and confidence to tackle to Year 6 curriculum and eventually the move to high school.

Children will have developed a strong conscience by age 10, which informs how they behave. They will be more independent, reliable and trustworthy and in general, tell the truth. They will also have a highly developed sense of justice being concerned with being treated fairly among their peers. With these traits on board the children will be entering Year 6 as much more rounded children, who are more aware of who they want to be in the wider world and how to be accepted among their peers, while maintaining their own individuality.

Summer 2020

Well the Summer Term is here, but unlike any we've ever known before!! Hopefully you've been able to access the activities I have set for Year 5 to complete over on the 'School Portal' tab.

This year our Summer topic is called:

'Cosmic Curiosities'

Which such a vast, and mostly unexplored, universe out there, this is one of the most exciting topics that we cover in Year 5. Activities and opportunities for learning are huge, I can't wait to see all the wonderful things you find out while learning at home!!

Can you think of a catching mnemonic to help you remember the planets in order?

What wonderful things you have been doing at home, from focused school word, PE with Joe, baking and art to animal husbandry!! Well done Year 5 you're doing an amazing job at home learning.

Spring 2020


Pioneer Fun

What a fantastic time we all had at Pioneer Centre, it really was an amazing trip. The children were so well behaved and appreciative of the opportunities they had, taking part in so many adventurous activities. This year 'Caving' and 'Trek Course' were a huge hit, with the children thoroughly enjoying these activities. I think they'll be talking about 'Nightline' for a while, this activity was a bit like Marmite, some children really loved it and others said it was the worst activity ever!! I guess being blindfolded and encouraged to crawl through cold muddy puddles isn't everyone's cup of tea; it was fun to watch though!!

Here are just a snapshot of all the wonderful activities the children got to take part in, and some of their crazy instructors too! 

This term our topic is called:

Change and Re-arrange

History, geography, art, dance and music lessons will all draw from the main topic of 'The Vikings', looking at how Britain changed when the Vikings invaded.

Science will focus on the changes animals go through as they move through their life-cycle.

For more details on the areas we will be covering this half term please refer to the topic web below.

Spring 2 - Topic Web and Timetable

Autumn 2020

Science - Autumn Term

This term Year 5 have been up to the QE high school every Monday for our science lessons. We have been having so much fun and learning lots about the properties of materials. We have tested different materials for magnetism, flexibility, permeability and discovered which materials have conducting or insulating properties. More recently we have been dissolving solids in liquids and looking at reversible and irreversible changes. Here are some budding scientists at work:

We also got to go and visit the animals in the new animal care facility at QE.

In Literacy we have been thinking about whether or not people should live near active volcanoes. The children did lots of research before taking part in a debate, putting forwards arguments both for and against living near active volcanoes.

 Extreme Earth!

This term we will be learning all about natural disasters and extreme environments on Earth! We will be looking at extreme weather on our planet, the creation of volcanoes and earthquakes; types of volcanoes; and the dramatic and explosive physical effects of volcanic eruptions. We will study the distribution of volcanoes and earthquake zones around the world before exploring the human impact of volcanic activity and the reasons why people choose the live near volcanoes. We will also learn about secondary effects of volcanoes and earthquakes such as tsunamis.

Our extreme earth topic will take us all the way from the highest peak on Earth, to remote deserts, sweltering rain-forests and even the very depths of our oceans. 

This week we have been looking at the structure of the Earth. We used modelling clay to create our own model Earths and then cut them open so we could see the different layers inside!! The big reveal was very exciting!!

Pioneer Centre Trip

This year, we are lucky enough to once again have the opportunity to visit the wonderful Pioneer Centre in Cleobury Mortimer. The trip will take place in March with pupils spending two nights away! 

This trip offers so many exciting activities, including archery, caving, abseiling and zip wires, where pupils can challenge themselves and grow in independence and maturity! I know that they are all going to have the most wonderful fun; I always do. We will celebrate team spirit and enjoy social time during our evening campfire and big bounce activities!

Keep an eye on our website for more information about the wonderful things we will be getting up to this term! 

Summer Term

Class Texts:

If you get a chance to read either of these two fantastic texts they are well worth it!