Class teacher: Mrs H. Yarnold (Deputy Head)

Teaching assistant: Mrs K. Miles

Helping us to master a deeper level of learning: Mrs S. O'Rourke

Autumn Term topic: Kingdom Of Adventure

This term, the fabulous book 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo sits firmly at the centre of our Literacy work. We shall enjoy following the adventures of the main character whilst learning much more about our own beautiful planet.

How many books by Michael Morpurgo have you read? They're wonderful.


During our first week in Year 6, Mrs Yarnold set the children a mountain of a challenge. In teams, could pupils build a pyramid of paper cups using only a piece of string each and one elastic band? Pupils were not allowed to touch the cups with their hands or any part of their body and all team members had to participate in each lift. Could it be done?

See photos in the gallery below:

We completed the pyramid challenge and proved that we're going to be a fantastic Year 6 team.

What's the latest?

Steel Pans Workshop with residents from Ross Care Home

Year 6 pupils enjoyed welcoming the residents from Ross Care Home. The children showed the residents how to play the steel pans and enjoyed sharing precious moments together (as well as tea and biscuits, of course). 

Everest Week in Year 6

As part of our topic,'Kingdom of Adventure',pupils in Y6 have been learning more about the mighty Mount Everest and what it must take to be a mountaineer. We have enjoyed writing an Everest acrostic poem; creating our own mountain landscape artwork; learning more about famous climbers (Sir Edmund Hillary) and produced are own research projects on a mountain of our own choice. Next week, we look forward to hearing about Mrs Jefferson's own climb up Mount Kilimanjaro.