Class Teacher: Mrs H. Yarnold (Deputy Head)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs L. Parry

PPA: Mrs K. Miles

The Journey Of A Year 6 Pupil At St. Peter's Primary School

When a child joins us in Year 6......

A Year 6 child has travelled such a long way in their learning since Reception. Year 6 pupils are now in their final year of Primary School, a journey of many fabulous experience and opportunities. Year 6 pupils will have a variety of differing needs. Good quality teaching and effective differentiation will match the range of learning styles and needs that the pupils bring with them. On entering Year 6, pupils may be anxious about the future SATs in May and about the imminent move to High School. As a school, it is our aim to encourage pupils to approach these milestones with resilience, an increasing confidence and a determination to do their very best.

Over the course of a year, what skills will a Year 6 pupil develop?

Year 6 is about hard work, dedication and enjoyment. Our lessons allow us to be creative and show our learning in interesting ways. As pupils have progressed through the school, they will have developed so many different skills and really understand all the values within our moral compass. It is these skills and values which guide us in our learning journey as we continue to grow and develop into caring citizens and members of our wider community.

​In addition to facilitating engaging lessons, we also aim to provide curriculum enhancement through visitors, trips and events.
​For Year 6, this includes the opportunity to go on residential for three days; an invaluable opportunity to develop confidence, teamwork and independence - while also being heaps of fun!

How will we prepare the Year 6 pupils for KS3?

In the final year of primary school, we aim to equip pupils with the skills they will need for their upcoming transition to secondary school. Some of the ways in which we aim to do this include developing their independence through increased responsibilities in school (including Year 6 monitor jobs), increasing their resilience in lessons and developing their confidence in all areas. 

When July comes, it will be a time to celebrate all our achievements, both big and small since joining the school. We will be able to look back at all our wonderful memories of our time at St. Peter’s Primary School and remember that: "It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are". We encourage pupils to do their best and believe in themselves.

Home learning is an important element of the partnership between teachers and parents in Year 6 as it supports learning in school, prepares them for examinations and ensures that pupils are ready for the transition to secondary school. 

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