St Peter's Primary School Vision Statement


A very warm welcome to the St Peter's Primary School.

At St Peter’s we aim to provide a safe, supportive and challenging environment where everybody has the opportunity to reach their full potential. We believe that this can only be achieved if a child feels happy and secure, and our staff work hard to provide this environment for everyone. Each child is made welcome as an individual with his or her unique talents, abilities and personality. We hope that every child will feel at home at St Peter’s and be 'Determined to Succeed' in everything they do.

The support, and encouragement, of parents is essential to children’s progress and development, so we look forward to your involvement and commitment in a partnership between the school and the home.

St Peter’s Primary School is a Values-Based School where children are motivated to enjoy their learning through following a programme called Values Education. Please come and find out more about Values Education and experience the ethos it has helped us to create.


We look forward to meeting you in the near future.




"Determined to Succeed"



  •  To make all children and staff feel safe, happy, respected, cared for and have a sense of belonging. To create a trusting atmosphere in which the spiritual life and personal qualities of the children will flourish and their growing independence and confidence will be nurtured.


  •  To ensure the school pursues high academic standards through a broad and balanced curriculum which motivates children to have high expectations, think for themselves, use their imaginations and have fun.


  • To have good working relationships between all who work in the school and a strong partnership with the parents and the wider community. To encourage family involvement in the full life of the school.


  • To create an indoor and outdoor environment that is attractive, lively, stimulating, informative and supports the children’s learning.


  • For lessons to be well planned and resourced, with plenty of rich, satisfying, enjoyable, multi-sensory experiences; for lessons to be suitably differentiated to meet individual needs and offer opportunities for choice.


  • For assessment to be built into lesson plans and the progress of individuals carefully tracked. For the children to be fully engaged in the process of their assessment and target setting, and for their achievements to be celebrated.


  • For the children to be prepared to lead a life within a multicultural and constantly changing society, in which they will adopt a healthy lifestyle, achieve economic well being and make a positive contribution.