St Peter's 'Lets Keep Active'

Extra Curricular PE opportunities

Daily Mile

The Daily Mile is a fantastic initiative designed to encourage and support our pupils to participate in at least ten minutes of exercise everyday. The children enjoy choosing to run, skip, jump or walk their way through the Daily Mile as they release energy and get fit.   

Physical education and what that looks like for us at St Peter's


Here at St Peter's we recognise the importance of physical education and the benefits it has on health and wellbeing. Throughout our school days every child has the chance to engage in active learning opportunities, outdoor sports and after school clubs.

St. Peter's After School Clubs - Closed

Lets stay active and keep fit together!

Exercise is an amazing tool to help us feel happier, more energised, and more optimistic.

The workouts will be fun and suitable for all ages and even adults can get involved.

You don't need any equipment, just tune in to my YouTube channel at 9am each morning for a 30-minute, fun workout.


(Joe Wicks,; 2020)

Please join in and have fun! 

If you would like to share a video of you completing one of Joe Wicks sessions, please send it to and I can upload it to the website.