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Please find below a class portal page for all children from Nursery - Year 6. There are a range of differing focuses for each year group which will support the consolidation of key skills, help the children further develop their core subject knowledge and have fun whilst learning at home.

Teachers will be refreshing work on a 2 weekly basis and will also be available to answer specific parent questions via school email or over the parent and carer facebook page.

Nursery Wk26-WK27

Below are a variety of activities that you may wish to carry out with your children over the coming weeks. Please don't feel as though you have to print everything out if you don't have access to a printer - you can carry out the activities in your books or on any paper that you may have at home.

As you are aware, most of what we do in Nursery is play based so if your child is playing lots and having lots of fun (which I know they will be) please be assured they will be learning lots too! :)

Year 1 Wk26-Wk27

Please click the areas below to find some activities I hope you and your children will find helpful. I can be contacted via my school email address or by my new parents' Facebook Page if you need anything at all.

Year 3 Wk26-Wk27

Hello Year 3!

Below is a selection of tasks for you to tackle at home over the next two weeks. Don't forget to apply all of the things that you have been learning at school as this will help you to progress even further.

Your 'Login' details for online activities can be found in your yellow 'liaison books' but if you have trouble finding them, please contact me via my school email address:

or: on my Facebook teacher profile (Zoë Rutherford).


Task Menu:

Please read the instructions carefully - this menu has been designed to give you a variety of different activities to choose from. 

For one of the 'every day tasks' you will need to take a look at the spelling list below:

Maths Pack:

Work through the questions in this pack; some of the questions will be for revision, as the skills that you need have already been taught; others will require you to use new skills - good luck - you'll be great!

If you don’t have access to a printer - don’t worry - the majority of questions will still be fine to complete.

Spelling Mastery Mats:

The spelling mats are here for you to master the spelling, meaning and context of some of the Y3 statutory words - give them a go!

Remember - you are incredible! Just try your best and keep smiling.

Take care,

Miss Rutherford.

Year 5 Wk26-Wk27

Hello Year 5.

Here are a selection of tasks for you to complete over the next two weeks. If you are unsure of any of your login details for TT Rockstars, Reading Buddy or Education City, please contact me either by e-mail or my new parents' Facebook page, and I'll try to help find them for you.

Please work through the questions on this arithmetic paper (there is no need to print it out) then use the format to make up other questions of a similar style. If you need any support with the methods please let me know.

I have also included this grammar quiz, use the vocabulary in each question to start making your own grammar flashcards (mentioned in the grid above). Over the weeks you should build up a great revision resource!!

Reception Wk26-Wk27

Please enjoy exploring the challenges below with your child/children over the next few weeks. 

I know everyone is doing exceptionally well at recognising their high frequency words. Therefore, please continue to revise these on a daily bases. Once your child can confidently recognise each one of these words, please move onto 'read, cover and write', following the same sequence below. 

Coming soon

Year 2 Wk26-Wk27

Please see below for the grid showing the home learning activities for Year 2.  

The files under this will be indicated in the grid.  Many of you will have hard copies of these already.  If you require any further support or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by email 

 Home Learning Activities
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Year 4 Wk26-Wk27

Please see below for challenges to complete over the next few weeks. If you are unsure of login details for TT Rockstars, Education City or Oxford Reading Buddy, please let me know via email.

Below is the Arithmetic paper to complete (mentioned in the challenge grid above). This can then be used as a basis to practise some questions of your own.

Below is the list of Year 3/4 spelling words (as mentioned in the challenge grid above). There is no need to learn all of these in one go. Pick a couple at a time.

Year 6 Wk26-Wk27

Hello Year 6

Please find a selection of tasks below to dip into during the next two weeks. Parents may keep in touch via email or using the new parents' Facebook page for Year 6.

Happy learning!

Please see some extra Home Learning activities below. Why not teach your families? 

Here is the Y5/6 spelling list - can you create some sentences using some of the words on the list?

Using your reading comprehension skills, try to answer the questions carefully referring back to the non-fiction text about volcanoes. 

Don't forget that you've already been given the following activities for homework this week:

  • Arithmetic skills
  • Maths Reasoning
  • Spelling Challenge
  • Reading Comprehension